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Submitted Question #5

How can we recognize a Twin Soul? 

Submitted 12/10/04 -- by  KD.

Dear KD:

Your question I believe is answered on this website, but I will admit you have to dig to find it, for it is in several different articles. There is a lot of information on this site that links from one subject to another. This is why we recommend that our readers take the articles one at a time and read them all. Though some subjects in the Library of Articles seem not to apply to Twin Souls, we assure you that there is a tie-in with all the subjects ZZ has given us for the website. However, I am going to try and summarize for you and others...

“How can we recognize a Twin Soul.”   


Well, I can say that it is pretty hard to determine ‘a’ Twin Soul—meaning someone else’s Twin Soul. It is a lot easier to determine ‘your’ Twin Soul. In fact, from the standpoint of physicality, the only ones who can really know for sure are the twins themselves and their Creator Gods who brought them into being. On the Otherside, our identity, personal, Composite Soul, our Soul Family, and our Soul Group are all identifiable by our soul signature—our light vibration which is matched only by the Twin Soul. Everyone on the Otherside knows who your twin is, and so do you.

First I think it is worth mentioning that until recently—according to Zeb and Zarna—there have been very few Twin Souls reunited in physicality. It has been a rarity. But with the coming of this new Grand Cycle, Twin Souls and Near Twins are beginning to recognize each other in greater numbers. This is because many “Mature Souls” are finishing their incarnational cycles and will ascend to the next level on the Otherside--an event countless souls planned in the before-life to coincide with the coming of this New Beginning.

There are many things a person can look for when they suspect they may have been brought to their twin. You will find that there is a physical and emotional empathy between them. Just like the stories we hear of biological twins being able to sense the feeling of their twin sister or brother—Twin Souls will be connected in such a way that they will often get sick at the same time—feel each others pain and pleasure even from large distances. My twin and I were 2000 miles apart when I felt him leave his body, during his near death experience. You can read about this in Who is Melvyn Caryl. And also in Near Death Experience.

Twins will usually exhibit similar interests and talents. They will discover synchronicities in their childhood--sometimes similar family situations.
(See-- Twin Soul Synchronicities.)

Using Melvyn Caryl as an example, as a child, I was trained as a classical dancer, and in my teenager and young adult years I taught ballroom dancing. During the days of early Rock and Roll, there was a local TV show where I used to dance just for fun with a bunch of friends—like American Bandstand.

Mel in another city halfway across the country did the same thing at the same time—both taught dancing, and for fun danced on the local TV show.

In the 1970’s I began to paint—oil landscapes—in the same year Mel began to paint—oil landscapes. We both chose similar subjects, often so close as to believe we were painting from the same photograph. We both stopped painting in exactly the same year.

When we were brought together we were both writing novels. We both have dyslexia—that manifests itself in different ways. The synchronicities go on and on. These are the kind of things that you look for.

But I think, for me, and for others that I have spoken to who are sure that they have found their twin, there is a “knowing.” You just know it is your twin—even if you don’t know there is such a thing—because it feels different from anything you have experienced before. This does not mean you don’t love others—you do, and should—but the Twin connection ‘feels’ different.   

Now, I would like to dispel a myth—the romantic notion that all Twin Soul relationships are perfect with no challenges between them—the happily-ever-after myth! You are drawn to your twin. There is incredible connection--love that just grabs your heart if you let it--and passion that can be felt telepathically between twins who are separated by great distances. Remember, this is the other half of yourself—your soul vibration reaches out and connects.

You may not have consciously asked for this reunion—we sure didn’t! You can’t help it. And you can’t stop it. Your Twin Soul is your created mate, perfect mate—IF—you have achieved masculine/feminine balanced.

But few of us walk into a Twin Soul recognition in perfect balance. This is often discouraging to the person who has found their twin and one or the other hasn’t quite achieved balance. It is a difficult time, but through love and following the inner voice for guidance, the more advance twin can often help the other toward a spiritual path which if followed can bring them into  balance.

It is usually the female that matures first and often makes the first recognition of her Twin Soul--but not always. (See -- Developing Spiritual Relationships)

Soul Mate Relationships

Something needs to be said about Soul Mates. So far this site lacks in stressing the importance of Soul Mate relationships. Not everyone is going to meet their Twin Soul in physicality. My husband’s twin is waiting for him to join her on the Otherside. So even Mature Souls, who are on their last incarnation sometimes for a number of reasons choose not to plan reunification in physicality.

An important point that most miss is that Near Twin couples often mistake themselves for Twin Souls. This is usually marked by what appears to be the perfect relationship, loving, compatible, where everything goes just perfectly. They have the same interests and the same soul-born talents. These are souls who were soul-born within seconds of each other. We do not come into soul-being one at a time, (According to Zeb, it does happen but not usually) but in bunches—like a litter. These souls are all Near Twins. Their soul signatures will be very close.   

The difference between a Twin Soul relationship and a Near Twin relationship is that Near Twin is not the opposite half—and therefore there is less struggle or need for adjustment. They more easily match. This is a beautiful Spiritual Relationship that in my opinion does not get enough attention. These are the ones that most individuals in our world should try to find, as in looking for—not your Twin Soul. The Twin Soul is brought to you when the time is right if reunification has been planned in the before-life. (More about Near Twins -- The Power of Love)

Occasionally, you will be brought to your twin as a prelude of things to come in an early recognition. I am aware of many instances where the woman recognizes her twin, yet it is years before they actually experience reunion.

A word about Companion Soul relationships.

These are souls who are soul-friends from the Otherside and have charted many lives as players in their life dramas. My husband and I are companion mates. In his last incarnation before this one, I was his sister. This time he became my husband and protector. These are also spiritual relationships that are often mistaken for Twin Soul relationships. These couples are compatible not because of matching soul signatures, but because they “know” each other. They have shared many lifetimes. So look for a Near Twin, or a Companion Mate, but your Spirit Guides and Guardians will help you find your Twin Soul when you are ready. 

Zeb tells us there are more souls of middle soul developed and young soul development on our planet right now. They are not ready for the intensity of a Twin Soul relationship. In fact, they would repel each other at this stage. 

“K,” I hope this answers your question. Whatever type of Spiritual relationship comes your way; we sincerely wish you the greatest happiness.

Thank you for your question.

Demonstrate the love that you are,

Always, Caryl, of Melvyn Caryl 12/12/04

Thank you honoring and respecting
the following request…

Copyright ©2004 by Melvyn Caryl -  all rights reserved.  None of the articles or messages on this website may be copied in part or total without express permission of the author, Melvyn Caryl.



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